FIFA Manager 13 v1.0.1.0 MEGATRAINER

FIFA Manager 13 trainer


FIFA Manager 13 v1.0.1.0 MEGATRAINER by MT X


This trainer is only for use for the singleplayer mode of the games. It was only made and tested for this mode. If you'll trying to use it for the multiplayer mode we must warn you, because then you risk the validity for the corresponding game (e.g. Unreal Torunament 3).
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FIFA Manager 13 is the next part of the cycle of football managers published by Electronic Arts. Production of the game with the number 13 took the German studio Bright Future, the founder of the former FIFA Manager series. The latest edition features a number of significant changes in the game, with an emphasis on psychology and personality of the players.

The game, like the other managers in football management is skilfully chosen by the player's football team. Lead can be one of the hundreds of available teams, belonging to many of the world football leagues and manage club consisting of both very famous, as well as those lesser-known players.

As in the previous sections, each football player's skills are determined by a number of factors. In this regard, however, manufacturers have introduced additional enhancements, so that players can learn a lot of information about the personality of the player, such as general character, ego, the main objectives and motivations. For a good manager, especially important are the last two as a member of the team to enable the realization of his desires professional footballer significantly increase morale, satisfaction from the game and work with the club and skills on the pitch. Objectives football players are very different: some want to go in the first team, while others want to play for your country, increase skills, engage in penalty kicks, etc.

Developers also drew attention to the relations with members of the football players and their family team. With information about niesnaskach and clashes in a team player can take appropriate action to eliminate the problem, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire team.

FIFA Manager 13 is equipped with a powerful scheduling options, allowing for better time management team and taking the necessary steps in advance. Additional tools allow eg to select the current composition, plan negotiations with futbolistami who would like to move to a team player, monitor upcoming events (major matches, transfers, complete modernization of the stadium, etc.), or forecasting career player (taking into account such factors and injuries, the talent and the number of games played).

Manager with the number 13 was also enhanced the visual: the main change in the graphics core is to increase the screen resolution from 1024x768 to 1280x1024. Thanks to this production not only looks better, but also the management screen is more functional because it allows you to put more of the elements of the game interface (containing information about the team and football players) simultaneously.