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Brutal 2D platformer in which the title character, Shank, battling with hordes of very dangerous enemies.

Shank is a dynamic and very bloody 2D platformer, focusing primarily on the fight. The production was developed by the studio Klei Entertainment, known among other things, and Eets game Eets: Chowdown.

The Shank takes a real tough guy, who must deal with a lot of crooks. The hero is an ordinary osiłkiem - can fully wield different weapons, perform spectacular stunts in the air, run along walls and effectively finish off opponents. Waiting to pass a lot of different levels (from the city to the jungle) okraszonych spectacular, two-dimensional and very comic cutscenes.

Playing in the manufacture of adhesives Entertainment is extremely brutal and dynamic, which is associated with titles such as God of War. In contrast to the production about the adventures of Kratos in Shank observe the action side, and the whole is a classic platformer with an extensive combat system. To eliminate the enemies, we can use tools such as chainsaw, guns, knives, and grenades. Sometimes we must fight against powerful bosses.

Noteworthy is a very interesting visuals of the game. The creators used a cartoon style and a variety of animation techniques, so that graphics can make an impression despite two dimensions. A nice addition are the great sounds and a soundtrack of suitably feisty.