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The next edition of the well-known soccer series.

FIFA 11 is the next edition of the popular football game created since the 90s Twentieth century by the Canadian EA Sports. In this edition the authors tried to eliminate the shortcomings of its predecessor (including executed like clockwork too easy administration and lobes), and also put particular emphasis on player development.

For this purpose, brought to life Personality Plus scheme, designed to reflect the characteristics of players in their behavior on the pitch. This concerns in particular the problem of translating the attributes of the players on their ability to donate duties or the exercise of precision shooting applications. In this edition of the FIFA authors further emphasized the difference in the quality of moves they do to football gwiazdorzy (with more than 90 points in the statistics) and the least talented diggers (30 points or less). Much attention has been paid or goalkeepers who are more realistically assess the trajectory of the ball and the shots from the free throw to give the trick backfire.

Footballers in FIFA 11 are also endowed with working points rate that followed their industriousness match point at low, medium or high. Such a division makes some of the players are more aggressive in removing and often return after the lost ball, while others wait passively for the development of the action.

Athletes of the body consists of 130 individually animated. Has improved the appearance of hips, knees, elbows and neck of individual players, while the primary database profiles (used to create most of the players) has been extended from three to nine variants. Special players like Abidal, Walcott and Peter Crouch also lived in separate, dedicated just to them models.

Also been worked on costumes players - the game lets you choose from three degrees in length leggings, and while playing in a winter weather, except proportionately matched T-shirts and shorts, the players also carry an extra pair of lycrów. Fixed a detail in players faces and added a new "goal celebrations" (celebration of goals), so that their number exceeded 100th In the audio layer, in turn, first delivered to customers the ability to import your own songs to play, as well as hooking into the music team out onto the pitch or joy after scoring a goal.

Like the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, FIFA 11 is friendly to novice users. The game allows you to conduct meetings using just two buttons - the shot and the administration. The product also offers familiar modes from previous games - a league managerial option, Become a Star and matches on the network.