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The second part of role-playing game Two Worlds by Polish developer Reality Pump studios.

The second edition of the Polish production of role-playing game, entitled Two Worlds. Creators of Reality Pump have tried above all to improve the interactive elements related to the represented world and the combat system, complementing the well-known addition of the first part of the game a number of innovative solutions and ideas.

Action Two Worlds II begins five years after the events of the first part. Land ruled by dark Gandohar Antaloor, the ruler of extremely eager to experiment with black magic. Its power derives from the soul of Kira, the sister of main character, which is deprived of energy with each passing day more and more weakened. Our ward can not save it, unfortunately, since the last such attempt was the capture of him, and settling in the dungeon. Here is serving his sentence brave, suffering from the regular torture and had no hope of improving their lot.

The situation changes when the prison is attacked by a group of orcs, led by the Dragon Queen. The attackers in the blink of an eye to reach the cell, where he is a hero, release it, then without hesitation, the alliance offer. The ex-enemies want us to join them and helped wrest from the hands of Antaloor Gandohar. In this way, not only rozprawimy with the whole evil of this world, but perhaps it will save the sister, whose forces are already running out.

The most interesting innovation, Two Worlds II, the prototype we can certainly include much greater freedom of movement of the main character. We travel the world not only walk, but also on horseback, and with support from teleporterów or even a boat. The game will visit many new locations, such as a tropical jungle and savanna hot. Of course, do not miss these sites characteristic flora and fauna - we come across a rhinoceros, ostriches, reptiles and many other wild animals, which would be vainly sought in the first Two Worlds.

The authors decided to improve the interaction between your character with the surrounding world. Many occurring in the game world, we can easily manipulate objects and use them in different ways, depending on the particular situation. Scattered across the game world chests, barrels, boxes, etc. we can, with a bit of strength and creativity, to use such a weapon in the fight, or as objects of utility that will allow us to get to seemingly inaccessible places. Change was also a model of struggle which extended to the possibility of actively blocking punches, which is perfectly possible to increase the number of combat tactics apply. It should also warn of an entirely new magic system, and create your own, countless combinations of spells, which respectively use to fight against specific opponents.