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The fourth edition of the famous series of strategic and economic game, which takes on the leader of a small country. From our decisions and strategic moves depend on his further fate.

Tropico 4 continues intentions known from the predecessors, so we become the leader of a small country on the island and try to dominate it by making the right decisions in terms of strategic and economic. For creating this reads took a studio Haemimont Games, responsible also for the third part of the cycle.

Spearheading such a large territory we must reckon with the many challenges posed by competitors operating on the global market. To beat them we have to win as much as possible the confidence among the people living in our state. Reach for this only if you take the appropriate decisions, which not only influence the future shape of the empire, but also widen our budget.

Waiting to go twenty missions in ten new maps that make up the hour-long campaign. Often in difficult situations it is wise to have recourse to the ministers, who will facilitate the entry into force of the most controversial decisions. Expansion of the state is even more interesting thanks to 20 new buildings, among which are the stock exchange, shopping center and aqua park.

Besides the standard problems with which the dictator has to face, can happen to one of several interactive disasters, whose consequences are truly devastating. Volcanoes, tornadoes, drought - this time we must also deal with such elements. In critical moments, take advantage of the National Programme for showing requests and suggestions of the opposition, as well as helping to respond to current events and natural disasters.

If you want to record economic growth and increase production rates, take advantage of the exchange system, allowing you to import and export of goods between states. Cooperation with neighbors is required to achieve the goal of impeccable economic situation of our empire.

Visuals make a very good impression, it is extremely colorful, and the environment have been elaborated in detail. During gameplay, you can take pictures of the most beautiful landscapes, and then upload them to your Facebook account.