The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim crack

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim crack


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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is another part of a series of role-playing game by Bethesda Softworks team. It re-visit the continent of Tamriel, and plot this time revolves around the return to the land of the ancient race of dragons.

The action takes place 200 years after the events narrated in the game Oblivion. Players take on one of the last heroes of the profession dovahkiina blazing, or hunters of dragons. Until recently it seemed that the mighty monsters are just a memory, but one day again scaled beasts begin to appear in the sky and heralds Alduina prophecy, the god of destruction, which takes the form of a dragon. Struggling with these dangerous monsters take over their souls and abilities, the so-called Shouts. With their help, we can slow down time, repel enemies invisible energy, and even summon dragon allied assistance. Many of these skills obtained by finding the ancient words hidden in the basement of the Nordic countries.

Fun starts with the creation of our virtual alter-ego. You can choose from ten different breeds, but no division into classes. With the progress in the game your character becomes more powerful. After moving to the next level, the hero will automatically increase the number of points. In addition, you can improve yourself one of the three basic characteristics: magic, strength and health. The game completely rebuilt the system of skills - they were clearly divided into groups, such as one-handed weapons or two-handed. Each of these categories contains specific abilities and attacks. Changes also occurred in the system of magic - Mysticism spells from the school were moved to other groups.

In Skyrim there is a new combat system that is more dynamic and also requires tactical thinking. Each hand can now be attributed to the hero's weapon, shield or spell. In this way, we create many combinations, for example, combining the charm offensive in one hand with a sword in the other. Direct confrontation is no longer rely only on the mindless pressing the keys, but the appropriate maneuver hero, avoiding or evaporation and powalaniu opponents punches. Heroes can easily lose your balance and put a dangerous impact on the enemies who now are much more vital and dangerous. The player's character is also able to derive effective finishing moves.

The next edition of The Elder Scrolls again tries to create the impression that we traverse the real world, populated by the living inhabitants. Player decisions are now more serious consequences, associated with the behavior of other interesting characters. When, for example, throw a dagger in the middle of town, maybe someone reference it to us or, on the contrary, steals. These changes were also dialogues, which have become much more natural. When we get tired of saving the world, we can relax with a more mundane activities. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim can cultivate the land, in the smithy forge weapons, cook, mine raw materials in the mines, and even produce armor.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim offers the possibility of exploring the vast virtual world in which we find among others five major cities and hundreds of dungeons. To help navigate through such a large area the authors have introduced the option to fast travel between locations. Again, the system uses an automatic adjustment of the strength of opponents to the skills of our daredevil, but at the same time it is satisfied that it will not be so intrusive as in Oblivion. Improved game engine chooses a task from the point of our previous achievements and strength of character. For example, when a woman asks us to find the kidnapped daughter of the system checks that have already visited the underworld, and then placed the girl where it has not zawitaliƛmy, while adding such opponents that they represented a challenge for our hero.