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The game shares the view of a third person perspective and historical context. Denz Templar and mercenary Esteban twelfth crisscross Europe trying to save their wretched souls from eternal damnation.

The first reports of the French medieval action game studio Kylotonn Entertainment, appeared in 2005. Shortly thereafter, the developer had to suspend work on the Crusaders: Invasion of Constantinopole. Until the project was able to return thanks to the support the company Atlus. The American publisher, however, had slightly different views on the game, for which the background feature was to be the fourth crusade. The Cursed Crusade is therefore a combination of European and American visions of the Middle Ages.

The Cursed Crusade action takes place in the late twelfth century. Thanks to Pope Innocent III, all of western Europe is preparing for another crusade. These events are only the background but the main axis of plot, which revolves around two warriors - Templar Denz and mercenary Esteban. On both a curse and a frightening pregnancy if you do not find a way to her image, after death their souls will go to hell.

Combative duo has to perform 40 missions included in the five chapters of the campaign. Most of them require skillful handling of diversity that weapon, which the game is missing. The Cursed Crusade developers gave players available for more than 130 types of medieval weapons. Mechanics clashes largely based on the use of combinations of punches (called combos), which is more than a hundred. After completing each task, you can also develop the skills of the main characters.

Incumbent upon the heroes of the curse is not limited only to aspects of the plot. The game allows us to manually run its destructive power - it makes the world around us is transformed into something resembling hell on Earth. Everything around it is then covered with flames, Denz and Esteban resemble horned demons, and humane enemies look like stripped from the skin. In this mode, we have more powerful attacks and ignore armor. Moreover, some fighting techniques can be used only after activation of the curse.

The Cursed Crusade offers two modes of play. In the solo game, players assume the role Denz. Partnered with him led by computer AI Estaban, who can give orders. The co-op takes over control of the second person hired. The game can then take place via the Internet or using a split screen.

Game developers with great diligence came to faithfully present the largest European cities in the Middle Ages, and especially their distinctive buildings. With the refined visual frame so players can "visit" many historical sites, such as the Byzantine church of Hagia Sophia or Walls of Theodosius.