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Third part of series initiated in 2001. Just like its predecessor the game is a strategy rooted in the realities of the Middle Ages, focusing on the economic aspect.

Stronghold 3 is set in medieval times, the gloomy economic strategy, in which our task is to develop and defend the magnificent castles. Like its predecessors, so here is the key to victory adequately the welfare of our subordinates.

The player takes the role of master of estates. At the beginning has only a small castle and has dominion over a small village. The game consists in the establishment and development of new settlements, building ever larger fortresses and turning the wars with rival lords. The game focuses primarily on the economic aspect and the builder. Castle can be freely designed and constructed with a series of ready-made elements (towers, drawbridges, secret entrances, pitfalls, ballista, several types of wall, etc.) so as to best serve in defense, allowing residents as quiet life even during the siege. Equally rich sediments have the management. We can build houses, office lumberjacks, market, farm, etc., in a word structure that will ensure our subjects to work, food and money. Of course there were also battles in which the emphasis is on various techniques of siege. During the skirmishes occur units such as engineers, sappers carrying trenches, soldiers stormed the walls with ladders and mobile equipment (siege towers, battering rams, portable shields, ballista and catapults).