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1) Install
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1.Go to RUN and type REGEDIT and press enter

2.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Lucas Arts\Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2\Language=ru Change to en



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Release Date: 24-10-2010
Source: DVD
Genre: Slasher / Arcade Genre: Slasher / Arcade
Critics: N / A
Developed by: LucasArts


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is the second edition of TPP game series, featuring previously unknown events from the world created by George Lucas from the perspective of the Dark Side. Production designer, is played between episode III and IV, Star Wars, responsible company LucasArts.

In this sequel to The Force Unleashed once again takes on the role of Starkiller, a secret disciple of Darth Vader himself. The authors call this part of the "dark" episode - like the movie The Empire Strikes Back. Just as in the first part we take part in many epic events, in which we use a mighty power. The main character has many techniques of fighting - a novelty in this episode are the skills such as Mind Trick (forcing opponents to fight on our side, or for example, to jump into the abyss) and the Force Fury (allow several times the level of "wymaksować" all skills), although most use of the reliable light swords. Change has also been putting gameplay itself as a strong emphasis on tactics and puzzles, which to fight. Fight itself and requires focused attention, because there are a variety of opponents opornościach forces change of tactics.

As an enrichment to the traditional levels of chilled authors prepared sequences where we sit at the controls, and TIE fighter introductions to some of the levels present the free fall in conjunction with bypass obstacles and struggle.