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Shogun 2 Total War [Crack Only 1.0]


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Shogun 2: Total War is an epic strategy by Creative Assembly team. The game continues the tradition of combining a series of turn-based strategic layer to the tactical battles rozgrywanymi in real time.

The game is set in sixteenth-century Japan, at a time when the country was divided into many warring factions. You play as one of the nine daimyo - the leader of the clan, which is laying claim to own the whole country as the new shogun. To achieve that, traditionally you'll need the appropriate economic aspects of directing subordinates to us territories, the use of diplomacy and, above all war. Along with progress in the game statistics will develop not only individual units of our army, but also the generals. What is important for every aspect of the game prepared extensive tutorials, so that even novices quickly learn the basics of the game.