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Simulation game of football made by Konami's internal studio.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is the next edition of the football team of the series developed by Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuki. In the latest edition, as in the past, we have introduced many changes to the game even closer to real football match. First of all drew attention to the game team and a more instinctive approach to the game, plus a major modification has been subjected to artificial intelligence.

The game of attack was considered a key feature of recent cycle reads the PES. Thus we have a much greater influence on dictating the pace of the game. Additionally, the team functions as a whole, rather than a collection of individuals. Situations in which we run out striker ahead and staying alone in front of the group left the defenders of the opponent into oblivion. Members of our team take a more active part in offensive actions. It is better to expose themselves to applications as well as attract the attention of defenders (thus giving us more space to play off the ball). The authors of a much more seriously approached the topic of special abilities, which are characterized by the greatest stars of the game - thanks to their individual shares can often determine the outcome of the meeting.

Not forgotten about the defensive. Zone defense has been heavily rebuilt, forcing the attackers to much effort in creating a situation podbramkowych. A much larger share to the success of the defense is cooperation across the formation, and the duels "one on one" our rider operates mostly at a distance, attacking an opponent in an appropriate receipt for the success of the ball at the time. Also introduced a new system of player-controlled changing (we use the right analog stick to quickly select dowodnego player). It is worth noting that this option is also available during set-pieces. This solution allows us to react more quickly to changing the situation on the field, and thus effectively stop the attacks of opponents. Completely changed the system performance penalty shoot - the camera is set directly behind the player performing "eleven", which helps in determining the strength and precision shot.

Team 'Seabass' is also arranged for the streamlining of the more technical aspects of the latest Pro Evolution Soccer. Improved player animations, collision system and lighting, as well as increased diversity of models of players. The game features the Champions League and UEFA European League.