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Plants vs Zombies GOTY v1.2.0 FiNAL FULL CRACKED by GOTY


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One of the more crazy game of tower defense genre. You play the flowers trying to stop an invasion of zombies attacking gardens and houses of people.

Plants vs Zombies is an unusual game in a series of tower defense, in which we defend the homes by an extremely entertaining zombie attack. The work was developed by PopCap Games, known for creating excellent production primarily logical-arcade (Peggle Deluxe, Bejeweled).

While fans of the genre called tower defense already received many proposals embedded in a variety of realities, that Plants vs Zombies may surprise many a person. In the game, we defend people's houses before attacking zombies were setting up on the surface of the lawn army lovely flowers and plants. The addition of each guard must pay słoneczkami to gain and produce (by planting sunflowers). In addition to the basic adventure, consisting of dozens of missions, the authors have also prepared a lot of other challenges.

Each level consists of several paths of lawn, which zombies are coming. Our job is to protect each of them. In the case of passing a single enemy situation may be saved by running a seeded lawn. Was put at our disposal many types of plants - production (sunflowers), attacking, slow down, exploding - and the stones, for example, stopping for a moment the enemy. Hordes of undead also consist of several different beast, armed with sticks, shields and other items.

Production is characterized by high accessibility, since all its secrets are gradually discovered and translated players. The whole is also intuitive, so control should not cause problems. Despite the rather bleak subject matter - the presence of zombies - the whole is kept in a very serene and joyful tone. Noteworthy is pleasant and cheerful visuals soundtrack.