Minecraft 1.3.2 + Server

Minecraft 1.0.0 crack


Minecraft 1.3.2 by AnjoCaido


1. Download and install "jre-7u3-windows-x64.exe" (for Windows x64) OR "jre-7u3-windows-i586.exe" (for Windows x86). Those are REQUIRED Java files.
2. Download "Minecraft.rar". This file, and the java file are enough to play Minecraft 1.2.3. If you want more - read on.
3. Unpack "Minecraft.rar". Run downloaded "Minecraft.exe".
2. Type-in your nickname.
3. Make sure "Force Update" is unticked!
4. Press "Enter Game".
5. Minecraft will auto-download it's files from the official Minecraft site. Please wait till the end. The files will be inside %appdata%/Roaming/.minecraft (on Windows 7).
6. When it's done, the game will start. Have fun!

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Minecraft 1.1.0 + Server by AnjoCaido


Installing Minecraft client

Readme Minecraft Client 1.1.0

Installing the Minecraft client:
1) Open "run" on start, or search run, and open it.
2) In run, type the following: "%appdata%" (without the "") and press enter
3) This brings you in the folder "Roaming"
4) Place .minecraft folder (located inside Minecraft Client 1.1.0.rar) straight into the folder Roaming.
5) Run MinecraftSP.exe and type your username
6) Check Force Update to update your game client to version 1.1.0
(verify you are running 1.1.0 on main menu)
7) Play offline Singleplayer


-> Open Minecraft_Server.rar and read the Readme


Multiplayer and create your own server

I want to create a server for me and my friends, how do I do this?
Installing the Minecraft Server:

1) Place "Minecraft_Server.exe" in %appdata%/Roaming/.minecraft (where all the game files are located)
2) Run "Minecraft_Server.exe". This will create all the server files for 1.1.0 (So update your client!)
3) When it is done, you can close it for now

Installing LogMeIn Hamachi:

4) Download Hamachi, install and run it - You dont have to change anything,
just put in some name and password or proceed to next step if in doubt.
5) Run Minecraft_Server.exe located in %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft
(This has to be open, ALLWAYS, if you want to play multiplayer on your server, and so is Hamachi)
7) Run Minecraft game client (located in %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft) and go to Multiplayer
8) Create server
9) On Hamachi: right next to the off and on button, right-click and select "Copy IPv4 Adress"
and place it into your minecraft multiplayer server list.
10) Start up the server, send the IP + name and password for the server to your friends
so they can login and play

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Minecraft 1.0.0 + Server by AnjoCaido


How to play in SinglePlayer:
1. Open "run" on your start, or search run, and open it.
2. type in the box

3. you should be in the folder "Roaming"
place .minecraft straight into the folder. (one folder before the whole minecraft files) E.G .minecraft->.minecraft->(all of the files)
you would choose the 2nd folder.
4. Run MinecraftSP.exe and type your username
5. Play offline
6. Playing singeplayer
Enjoy =)

How to play in MultiPlayer on cracked servers?:
1. Open .minecraft folder [in appdata/romaning (you can click on START and type in search box %appdata%)]
2. Run MinecraftSP.exe
3. Type your nickname and press OK.
4. After that go to Multiplayer.
5. Ask your friend or somebody else who create server about his/her IP.
6. Type or paste his/her IP in Multiplayer.
7. Play with them Very Happy.
Enjoy =)

If you can't connect host must check a few things.
- Has he/she unlocked port 25565?
- Has he/she turn off firewall in windows?
- Has he/she turn off firewall in antyvirus?
- Has he/she external IP?

If host has something working from this list you will not be able to connect to server

How to create your own server with external IP:
Your friends will have to run game by MinecraftSP.exe

1) Go to minecraft_server folder and run minecraft_server.bat (YES .BAT)
2) It after it is finished close it.
3) there should be a server.properties file.
4) Open it with notepad
5) there should be something like "online-mode=true" change it to false
6) if there isnt put online-mode=false
7) to get people to join you go on whatismyip.com and get your ip.
(if you have blocked port 25565
8) connect to your modem by typing in the web adress and then port foward 25565.
9) tell your friends to connect to you using the ip you got from whatsmyip.com
10) when you want to connect to your server: run game go on Multiplayer and type localhost

Enjoy playing multiplayer with friends.

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  • Some game fix could be detected as virus. Add them as exeption in anti-virus.
  • Always make a backup of the files that are overwritten by the File Archive, as the original files are usually required to update the game to a newer version or to play Online!
  • Make sure you run trainer with administrator privilige.
  • Play only Single Player/Offline. Don't play offline.