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Bright Future (producer)
Electronic Arts Inc. (Editor)
Electronic Arts Poland (genre)
sports (football manager)
October 29, 2010 (world premiere)

Another opportunity to incorporate a football manager and lead the selected team to victory.

FIFA Manager 11 is the next scene of one of the most popular football management. Responsible for creating a production studio, Bright Future, based in Cologne, Germany. The manufacturer has prepared several previous series of hits (including FIFA Manager from 2008 to 1910).

FIFA Manager allows players to put yourself in the head of the chosen football club and lead it to victory. Players receive an impact on virtually every aspect of the organizational team, so there is a lot, and the game brings a lot of surprises. The role of managers responsible for the squad, tactics, training system, transfers, stadium infrastructure and many other items.

Every scene of the series brings a number of amendments, changes and news. In this section, we get 13 000 photos of players, FIFA's new graphics engine, 3D games forecasting system, the ability to create your own club and lead the national team. In addition, the players are waiting online game mode, which can measure up to eight people over the Internet.

The authors improved the lot of standard parts manager. At the workshop were taken tactical system that was totally transformed and expanded. This allows us to influence the setting and the game players directly during the matches, or choose different variants of corners and other moves. Support for players is also a tactical assistant, who tells what settings to choose in case of sudden changes in the situation (such as an injury or red card). This approach should satisfy novices and advanced players.

Subsequent changes in FIFA Manager 11 concern the system of assessments, skills and morale. Conceptually, the idea is to faithfully reproduce the skills of individual players who are now described more statistics (eg, levels of the different positions on the field). Maintaining a good mood in the team is a bit more difficult, because many of the players leading the internal rivalries among themselves.

Game developers have decided to transfer system tuning, which is a particular challenge for managers. Players and their agents pose conditions, and sports clubs run by an artificial intelligence technique known to use all of reality and think in terms of the entire season. Manager must also take care of good contacts with the press, which of course can use for their own purposes.

FIFA Manager 11 includes several other interesting options: Football Just mode (in which the focus is on teams and transfers), search engine information, or even the opportunity to play the World Cup (South Africa) in the shortened version (gameplay takes from 20 minutes to 2 hours). Production is very good on the visual - the creators put on spectacular representation matches and clear interface.