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As usual we recommend firewalling the main executable, not using Origin, and
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Another scene of one of the most famous and respected soccer simulation series. The game was developed on the basis of the official FIFA license, allowing for virtual playgrounds can watch the players familiar with the league struggles.

FIFA 12 is the sequel to the most popular (next Pro Evolution Soccer) series of football simulation. For creating it traditionally took the Canadian branch of EA Sports, who not only tried to preserve a well-adopted solutions from predecessors, but also to implement a completely new ideas. The title is the next step cycle of gradual evolution, which for several years, according to many players is the head of the species.

In FIFA 12 we have traditionally been available to the hundreds of dozens of club teams and national, of which the vast majority are based on the official license. This allows the teams have bonded with the players current mapped on the basis of their real counterparts, and their costumes represent the same as the real pitches. Among those present could not miss leagues Polish Ekstraklasa - no problem, to lead one of the native bands and achieve more success with it. Unfortunately, due to lack of license, the home teams are under the renamed, but the court directed the real players.

One of the biggest news is the viewed series of Impact Engine - new engine, responsible for player collision detection and simulation of events arising after the collision. Thanks to fouls and injuries the players look much more realistic, and the effects of unclean Plays reflect the degree of brutality of the attacks on the legs of players.

The new FIFA is also improved dribbling model, focusing on the 360-degree control of the fighter and the Personality Plus module, accurately reflecting the specific skills of the biggest stars of the ball and using it during the game. The changes also affected the game on the defensive - Defending Tactical module allows the faithful to show actions in defense, diversifying them with the use of the entire formation pressingu and accurate coverage of their rivals during the offensive action.

FIFA 12 is also completely revamped interface and many new animations accompanying fragments mostly solid game and celebration of goals.