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The second edition of the official F1 world championship game by a British company Codemasters. The game went through numerous amendments. Among them include opportunity to go to the safety car. Also been worked on a multiplayer game mode - the Achilles heel of its predecessor.

F1 2011 is another British production company created under license from Codemasters Formula 1 This time the game was produced in order to console the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, as well as personal computers. Responsible for its creation team which prepared the previous part of this series, the F1 2010.

The Codemasters F1 2011 team tried to first of all a good representation of the reality of F1 racing. Thus, in a game we can see all the drivers and teams taking an active part in the 2011 season. In addition, the authors introduced two new tracks (Buddha International Circuit and the Nürburgring). So we race at all 19 facilities, which takes place in a real Formula 1 season In addition to the classic Grand Prix, the game also appeared able to play off quick race mode and Time Attack Proving Grounds, where the authors determined by weather conditions and road trying to achieve the best single lap time.

With the new installment of the cycle, the team introduced the game Codemasters several important changes that significantly affect the realism of the game. These include, among others improved driving physics, and Drag Reduction System (electronically controlled rear wing of the car). In addition, F1 2011 Parc Ferme introduced zone (protected area where cars can be stored while serving Grand Prix), paddock and the service alley lived to see a few improvements, and in case of collision, the track appears in the safety car.

Most changes occurred in multiplayer, which in the previous installment series was treated with neglect. Among the innovations were, inter alia, cooperation mode and the option for split-screen gameplay. Multiplayer in the latest title Codemasters supports up to sixteen players (plus 8 controlled by AI), competing with each other. Completely new compared to its predecessor is the ability to play the entire season racing with another player, so we can jointly lead the team to a championship in the constructors' championship.

The authors also took care of the visual layer of F1 2011. The game went through an improved lighting system, the cycle of day and night, and more polished tracks. Also added new animations to celebrate victories and an improved system of interaction with the media.