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dead island crack download


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Dead Island is an action game whose main character is trapped on a tropical island infested by zombies. Following the steps a man or woman trying to get out of hell while maintaining the force.

Dead Island is a brutal action game in which the event is observed first-person perspective. The main attraction of this title is the opportunity to participate in the numerous and extremely spectacular clashes with undead creatures. Responsible for the preparation of the game is the Polish Techland, famous among other things thanks to such titles as Call of Juarez and Chrome.

At Dead Island you play as one of four characters, of differing gender, appearance and characteristics. Our hero wakes up surrounded by people who are confident that in a moment turn into a living corpse. Recall how and by whom was bitten is not easy. It turns out that the island - paradise corner of the earth somewhere near Papua New Guinea - took control of zombies. Where did? It is not known but it is certain that you must try to survive and help other people. The way to order is not easy, and above all, peppered with undead enemies and people who want to exploit the situation. As an ordinary person does not have the usual arsenal of spray lead. Instead, grab everything that comes along literally under the arms and Kill zombies. There are many possible combinations of hardware found, so for example we can dazzle opponents shock. This is how our hero fights not only depends on how you control it. Each character is described a set of factors and skills, besides, there is the issue of fatigue.

During the game the main character is visited various parts of the island, including the jungle, luxury hotels, and extensive beaches. In addition to the undead, we meet along the way of people who have not yet been infected. Some of them form gangs robbing what and whom you can. The rest is trying to just survive. Since these people get another job, found the money to replace equipment, or just get some help. Together with the main theme of narrative and secondary missions the game offers more than two hundred quests. It is also a lot of items that we are turning the island.

Dead Island visual setting generates the fifth version of the engine Chrome Engine. He also is responsible for co-operation mode, which allows at any time to join someone's game or leave it and it all without leaving the single player mode. In addition to the mode of cooperation for four people Dead Island offers a more classic multiplayer modes.