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Cities XL 2012 crack


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Cities XL 2012 is a powerful simulation of construction and urban management, for whom French is the production of Focus Home Interactive, among others, corresponding to the TrackMania series or game Blood Bowl. In 2010, the French bought the rights to the brand bankrupt Cities XL from Monte Cristo studios. The result of the acquisition was to develop and improve the already created by the bankrupt developer of the project and release Cities XL 2011, in which instead of focusing on the multiplayer mode (as did its predecessor), returned to play a model based primarily on single game.

In Cities XL 2012, like in Sim City and other games of the genre, the purpose of fun is to build as close as possible to the ideal of a city whose inhabitants lead a rustic life, paying low taxes, not worrying about the morning traffic jams, queues in clinics and air pollution. You play the role of the mayor, and in our opinion is not only the urban planning of the metropolis, but also ensuring effective and efficient transport, energy security, the construction of flats and houses and serving them to the people living in social institutions and places where they can spend their free time. In comparison with the previous part to a thousand, the number of unique elements and structures that we put in our city, and their appearance and style of architecture depends on the location in which it was erected. Buildings appear so typical mountain towns, ports and seaside resorts.

Cities XL 2012 puts players at the disposal of more than 60 new maps. Part of them is a faithful reproduction of the real Earth locations, such as the Cayman Islands or lying in the Grand Canyon Lake Powell, while others are fantastic sites that can be a challenge to the ability of players, or simply be characterized by a visually attractive landscape.

One of the most important news for many fans of the series is definitely a developer's official support for all sorts of creativity moderskiej. To install and use mods in previous versions of the game was associated with modification of the setup files and tools created by the players. Creators simplified a process and put in the game detailed tutorial to help beginners mod-makers.

True Cities XL 2012 is a standalone title does not need to run the previous sequels, but it can also be purchased in the form of an electronic upgrade in 2011. This will ensure that we do not lose access to the city, which spent tens of hours of hard work in the previous installment of the title.

The whole game runs at a slightly refreshed graphics engine known from previous parts. So we can count on pleasing three-dimensional graphics, allowing you to view both cities with the satellite view as well as from normal eye level passer.