Battlefield 3 crack download

Battlefield 3 crack download


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There is a gamebug that may cause the game to crash if it is installed in
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1. In case of issues rename your installation directory.
2. Play the game.

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Battlefield 3 is the third game in one of the most famous multiplayer shooter war. The production was created by the authors of the brand, the Swedish studio DICE EA, familiar with many successful titles - from classic Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies, by Mirror's Edge, to the side reads the Battlefield series, the Bad Company.

The third edition of Battlefield consists of both the solo campaign and expanded multiplayer mode. Hours can take part in many dynamic and varied missions, which take us to the United States (New York), Europe (Paris), and even the Middle East (Tehran, Kurdistan). During the operation, not missing a peaceful and quiet scenes and shocking events - we even witnessed the terrible earthquake. The individual missions very often fighting alongside other soldiers and the use of advanced military equipment.

Network battles in Battlefield 3 played out in similar scenes as a solo campaign and was based on a system czteroklasowym: Stormtrooper, a soldier of support, engineering and scouts. Each character plays an important role during the skirmishes and has a role to play. Trooper fights at close distances, and also serves as a medic. Soldier Support provides support to fire with light machine gun. Hostile combat engineer vehicles, as well as allied repairs. Scout works in secret, or from a distance, eliminating enemies with a sniper rifle. The game could not miss the huge tracts of land and vehicles - was put at our disposal, helicopters, warplanes, tanks and armored personnel carriers. The fights involved 64 players. For die-hard fans of Battlefield 2 was prepared a package of additional content, including refreshed versions of the iconic map, along with distinctive vehicles and weapons (the extension is not included in the original game).

In the third Battlefield authors have returned to some extent to the roots of the series and also sought to expand the game. This allows the soldiers can not just squat, but also the lie, and even move the body injured comrades. For fun made popular killcamów system (camera showing our torturer), and tools to record your own movies with fragments of skirmishes. The manufacturer has not forgotten about the support for dedicated servers, which was abandoned in several other well-known titles from the years 2009-2010 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2).

Battlefield 3 uses the Frostbite engine 2.0, or EA DICE proprietary technology that guarantees huge battlefields, modern lighting effects, great character animation (created using the ANT system, developed by EA Sports), a nice model of driving vehicles, and the famous system of destruction. Prepared for the game with better sound effects - to increase the realism of the samples were recorded from different distances. The production also draws from DirectX 11, and thus is not compatible with older operating systems (Windows XP).