Assassins Creed Liberation HD crack

Assassins Creed Liberation HD crack

Added : 18-1-2014

System Requirements:

Core i5 2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, graphics card 1250 MB (GeForce GTX 570 or better), 3500 MB HDD, Windows Vista(SP2)/7(SP1)/8

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Assassin s Creed : Liberation HD is a re-release of Assassin s Creed III : Liberation , created originally designed for the PlayStation Vita portable console . The original production was a spin- offem extremely popular series of action games studio Ubisoft tale of the eternal conflict with the Order of the Assassins brotherhood of the Knights Templar . Version for PC and consoles stationary , in addition to improved graphics, includes a number of amendments in the layer of gameplay.

The story of Assassin s Creed : Liberation HD coincides with what is offered on the original console PS Vita . The player takes the role of Aveline de Gandpré , dark-skinned resident of New Orleans , who decides to fight for freedom and justice in the ranks of the Assassins . In contrast to previous heroes of the cycle, Aveline is in no way affiliated with Desmond Miles . The story takes place in the years 1765-1780 , a crucial period for North America . The heroine spends most of his time in New Orleans and surrounding areas, the state of Louisiana. In the course of their adventures and meets Connor Kenway - protagonist of Assassin s Creed III.

Traditionally , the core of the game is to free exploration of open spaces , the possibility of climbing on all kinds of buildings and execution of the mission. Orders usually rely on making killings, tracking , theft , etc. Aveline copes well in the fight against multiple opponents at once, deftly using different types of weapons. The Liberation applied some innovation with respect to previous visits series - is it disguises that allow confuse opponents.

The gameplay in Assassin s Creed : Liberation HD has been improved compared to the original. Under the influence of fan reaction to Assassins Creed III : Liberation authors modified the part of the mission . Has improved the visual side of the production , which drives the motor AnvilNext . Moving the game on monitors and televisions screens require an adjustment to the higher resolution image , add new graphical effects , objects , textures , etc. In addition, a dynamic day and night cycle , and as a grown refreshed models and facial expressions .