Anno 2070 crack

anno 2070 crack


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Another scene prized among lovers PeCetowych Anno strategy series. Anno 2070 The action is set in the near future, where mankind is faced with dangerous climate change on Earth.

This is the fifth part of one of the most popular economic strategy in the market. The cycle began in the studio Sunflowers, which has created its first two scenes. In the production edition of 1701 and 1404 he handed the baton Related Design team. Anno 2070 while working on the team principally Blue Byte, the writers Settlersów.

The action was moved in the near future. By the year 2070 resulted in a drastic climate change rising sea levels, which zafundowało humanity even biblical flood. In this situation it was decided to return to the proven methods and a model of Noah built the ark, to ensure the survival of our species and allow it to rebuild its former self on these scraps of land that still protrude above the water.

The game is based mostly on the mechanisms of well-known fans of the series, but were enhanced with several new options. For the first time in the history of the cycle we get the opportunity to guide the three factions - Tycoons, Echoes and Tech. The former put the industry and an aggressive expansion. You do have a good environment, instead, the priority is for them to reach high profits and accumulation of material in the shortest possible time. The second of these parties prefer slower industrial development and a focus on renewable energy sources, which enables him to preserve the natural environment can practically untouched. Last community is focused on modern technologies and development of research on virtually every sphere of life. The basis of its existence are numerous laboratories and research centers. Interestingly, the fractions are not hostile to each other and the game does not force us to choose one of them. Instead, they are simply paths of development that we can freely use and combine to achieve our goals. All parties have the other buildings, technologies and people with unique needs.

Another novelty is the Ark, which is a huge water vessel in our database command and something of a player's avatar in the virtual world. He is also the only constant element, with which we begin each mission. Provides an impression of continuity in the campaign, because you can improve the ark and loaded materials and all that does not disappear from level to level. Thus no longer always start from scratch. The ship is also integrated with our network profile. The transfer of shares in the future also forced a complete refurbishment of the system resources. Some of them were removed, added a lot of new, such as sand, oil and glass. Above all, it appeared electricity, powering most of the buildings. In addition, ecology plays a big role. Brings the damaged environment and yields worse with increasing level of devastation of nature diminishes the economic usefulness of the site.

Anno 2070 offers several modes of play. In addition to challenges abound in the main campaign, players can use the "continous mode" that makes the game actually never ends. The creators also took care of the Internet-based multiplayer mode with enhanced social networking features.

In terms of audio-visual binding plays a big step forward compared to the previous sequels. Anno 2070 is based on the new engine that uses all the benefits of DirectX 11 With it was possible to improve not only the level of detail, but also increase the scale of virtually all elements of the game world. Now the ships are impressive size and no longer resemble the nut shells, and large ports clearly present themselves more realistically. The neutral fraction appears smuggler, who lives on the old American aircraft carrier, its dimensions rivals some smaller islands of Anno 1701 and the 1404th In addition, the city finally bring to mind a true metropolis.