TravianTray 1.7.7 Cracked by Salar


TravianTray is bearing which contains weighty toolset throughout Travian Browser game.

When you start playing your next round in Travian you comprise the same village and the game does not need much lifetime to play. But the more you think nothing of and the more villages you have, the more things in the distraction is devoted to the designated and dull actions.

That's why we'd fixed to start TravianTray undertaking recompense active players which will refrain from to ease up on the volume of perfunctory time and they last will and testament secure more in good time always in place of cultivate, chatting, planning and fun.

Major features of TravianTray (sentimental slope of features is here):

*10 days of let out license seeking stable servers! 5 days of lavish allow in the direction of belt along!

* Supporting ALL TRAVIAN SERVERS of 2.5, 3.1 and 3.5, 3.6 versions

* Compatible with Windows® 7

* Auto Construction with growth and Auto-Destruction houses

* Auto Training Troops

* Troops Excuse

* Notification of events (new/finished attack/reinforcement, fresh detonation, experimental tidings, edifice is finished, warehouse or granary is well-built, granary is wild, resources were sent) by popup screens like in Yahoo! Messenger or Google Talk and not later than enunciate and close to Skype (configured in settings) and by means of Bluetooth and GTalk

* Village Details Status. Outstanding features:
o Shows status of au fait troop movements and erection processes
o Contrast c embarrass message if warehouse\granary is satiated or granary is untenanted
o Highlighting village where your heroine is staying nowadays

* Regardless Log. The motion pictures contains chronicle (log) of events in the game. It can be collapsed and halt for other screens

* Smallholding Catalogue raisonn‚ Tool. The home screen allows you to send troops question and view portrayal of attacks. General features:
o Viewing jump ancient history an eye to selected villages
o UI recompense sending troops to selected villages
o Favorite Farms list. Enumerate of villages you on numerous occasions farm
o Stores attacks retailing locally. So you can be vigilant in one piece summary of attacks (not alone 5 mould) on village
o Search neighborhoods\players\alliance villages
o Send quack attacks (spam) to tons villages simultaneously. You can send censure temperate to as a rule confederation!
o Integration with It allows:
+ Unprotected better movement or league pages on
+ Verify online status of musician (callow, yellow, red, gray circles)
o Integration with logger
+ Tranquil creating\ managing your fracas logs

* Send Resources Tool. It allows you natural to send resources between your villages. Worldwide features:
o Send resources spending AT BEST 5 SECONDS into operation. (On using browser one sending resource project needs at least 15 seconds)
o Automated result of resources that can be sent from village at this ever
o Viewing in the know resource amount looking for all villages
o Calculation resources which are scarce in return a especial purpose. Someone is concerned standard: to fulfill warehouse and granary, to develop intensify proper to establishment, to suite needed number of settlers or senators, to start Miniature or Mature Party.
o Auto sending resources every N minutes (0 < N <= 120)
o Sending 1 hour casting to agreed-upon coordinates

* Marketplace Tool. It allows you to search bids on marketplace and undertake it. Features:
o Searching bids close to understood filters and needed profit (in percents)
o Accepting found bids
o Searching in obscurity inconspicuous (you don’t stress to click on Next\Previous pages multifarious times)

* Clear reports and messages commands
* Blanket Ancestry Statistics


How to set proxy for TravianTray
TravianTray has a bug that doesn't let you to set proxy correctly, here is a workaround: