DECAF - oposite of COFFE

New hacking tool called DECAF - it is designed so that made it impossible to check the computer using a Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor (Cofee), a set of 150 different applications designed to run from any computer connected to the USB flash drive. Police officers often use it to check the computers of suspects in the field, without bringing them to the police laboratory. Cofee scans the data and verify that what you do with your computer (what sites you visited, what documents opened to retrieve the files, etc.). Of course, all this information can be gathered in another way - but Cofee significantly simplifies and speeds up the process.

If such an attempt occurs, decaf immediately deletes all temporary files and processes associated with Cofee, disable support for USB drives and generates tens of random MAC addresses, to hinder the work of someone who will analyze your computer.




Virus Scan

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