Detailed Way To Crack Porn!

By Robbieava

Side note: I made an e-book on how to get free porn. I have decided to give it out to the public. I hope you all enjoy!

First thing I'd like to say is this does work. I have gained over 200 accounts with this method. This only cracks basic auth sites. Also known as POPUP sites. Where the login pops up and then you type in the info.

I couldn't give my link for C-Force because I just found out it's infected. Google it to find it.
What you'll ne ed
  • Sentry (To check your proxies)
  • C-Force (Cracking)
  • Good Proxies (This is where I get mine)
  • Proxie Judges (Copy over to a notepad)
  • Good wordlists (If people can provide some it would be great. Just post down below)

Proof Of Success
[Image: 2nsrlzo.jpg]

Step 1: Download And Extract All of the above

Make a folder on your desktop called "Porn Cracking" or something like that. Take all the .rar files I gave you above and extract them to there.

Step 2: Acquire and Check your proxies!

Stage 1:
Go and get your HTTP proxies Here or anywhere else you think will suit you for cracking the porn!

Stage 2:
Now go to the folder on your desktop that you extracted the files above and open Sentry.

Next what you will want to do is put in your wordlist.

Once you completed that, put in your list of proxies then go to the "analyzer" tab under proxies and check the box that says "Update list after completion" Make sure that you leave the website blank.

When you've done all of the above click the little lightning bolt (Not the big one) and stay in analyzer. This will show you which work and which don't.

  • Red X means that it isn't a good proxy
  • Clock icon means that the proxy timed out
  • Computer Icon means it is a good proxy

Once the proxies finish, it will show you all the working proxies. If you see a good amount of proxies do Ctrl+A (Highlight all of them), Right click the highlighted proxies and choose "Copy list to clip board". Copy and paste those over to a notepad file. Save it to your porn cracking folder on your desktop.
[Image: 2w2hc2r.jpg]

Step 3: Setting Up the Cracking Program To Crack

Stage 1:
Go to your folder on the desktop and open C-Force. (This is what you will be using to actually crack the websites accounts.)

Stage 2:
After it loads go to the tab "Auto"

  1. Type in the URL you would like to crack (like
  2. Then load the proxies you checked with sentry
  3. Then load the wordlists you have in a notepad file

DON'T click start yet. This is the point where users think they are all set to crack. Yes, they could start cracking here, but the quality wont be as good!

Now go to the settings tab and change these things
  1. "Proxy Connection time out" - 30 (If not already)
  2. "Use Combo Leingth Filter" - Check box and change both username and password to min: 6 max: 8 (If not already)
  3. Load the proxy judges I gave you before (Click load and find the notepad file)

[Image: jjbbzk.jpg]

Now go to the tab "Pro"
  1. Main url - [Type in the sites MAIN url. (Like
  2. check "Use keyworkd handling" (If now already checked)
  3. Click the analyse button and let it do it's thing.

To know it's all set you will see in the blue box a
Quote:202 Found

It now has the "pro" option activated and will get more accurate hits.

[Image: r0461h.jpg]

Step 4: Crack Crack Crack Away!

Go to the "auto" tab again and press start & move bots to 10-15 (no more than that.) You have now started the process to crack! You will find all of your hits on the top right side in red it will automatically save the "hits" in a log in the folder you saved on the desktop.
[Image: 2bzl7d.jpg]
[Image: 10gkahk.jpg]

Congratulations! You are officially a porn cracker! You can do lot's with this; Sell/Trade/Fap! Please give credits to me if you post elsewhere and don't sell this! I hope you all enjoyed!