Cracking accounts tutorial with instruction

You need to hack some accounts?? There You will find tools You need to do this with full descritpion Step by Step. It can be really easy. You need this tool below and time.

With Apex You can hack a lot of accounts to all sites on the world.

Sites You can hack accounts with default config:

  • RapidShare
  • Megaupload
  • Netload
  • Depost Files
  • Cam4
  • ImLive
  • FileFactory
  • MediaFire
  • MyFreeCams
  • Photobucket
  • Facebook

In pack You will find too Config for Apex with:

  • You will find in pack how to crack MW 2 keys on
  • Second config is for hacking accounts on There are cheats to games.
  • In pack You will find too how to hack Steam Accounts and 300 k steam usernames.
  • Bitefight

Tools in pack:
Apex - this tool allow You crack accounts
Proxy Check with serial - very usefull tool that allow You cheack proxys.
Proxessor - Best proxy leecher
Proxy finder - with this tool You will fild proxys, even 10 k pes minute
Range scanner - range scanner
SobolSoft extractor - this tool can extract urls from site and more.
Multi keygen allow You use all SobolSoft tools.


Only load wordlist, usernames and if need proxys and let it work. Good word list You can find here: wordlist

You will find too cracked Hotfile accounts.


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