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1. C-Force

It is the most noob friendly cracker in the world. I think C-Force is the best cracker to start with. You don't need to configure C-Force manually, it can analyze automatically, cool isn't it! It cant crack SSL HTTPS and Captcha type of logins.

2. Apex by Buddha

This tool can crack most of site logins and it's a very easy to use reliable cracker. However it cant crack SSL HTTPS, Captcha and HTTP basic authentication pop-up type of logins.

3. Villain RC by StaCKOver

This is again a very good cracker. This is an AIO. It can also check proxies and also can be used as account checker. It cant crack SSL HTTPS and Captcha type of logins.

4. Freeze Master Cracker by -Frozen-

It's simply a master cracker. It supports HTTP basic authentication, HTTP, HTTPS, but cant crack Captcha type of logins.

5. Sentry 2.0

It is the tool you need to crack Captcha type of logins. Old cracker but working. Since all best captcha crackers are private tool, Sentry is better than nothing.

6. HTTP Bugger by ken78x

Again, HTTP Bugger is a very good but not so popular cracking tool. It is a very efficient tool to use with some private techniques!

7. JTR (John the Ripper) with RoyDJ's GUI

I'm not going to talk about this, just visit Openwall Project

Proxy Tools:

1. Proxyfire Master Suit

Proxyfire Master Suit is one of the best proxy tool around. You can categorize and check proxies with this tool.

2. Charon

Charon is also a very good proxy tool. A bit slower than Proxyfire but still holds second position definitely.

3. XN Proxy Checker

It's not a gigantic tool like Proxyfire and Charon but still a good proxy tool. It's just a simple proxy checker.

4. Poizon Proxy Processor

Another proxy AIO. But its proxy leeching function is fastest in the world. This tool can fulfill your daily proxy needs.

5. Proxy Finder Enterprise

It's a very simple proxy leecher but it can leech thousands of proxy in a few minutes.

Wordlist Tools:

1. Raptor III

Raptor is a wordlist AIO. You can remove duplicates, extract combos from urls, generate, edit, compare wordlists using Raptor III.

2. Once Is Enough

It's a powerful dupe remover. Much faster and can handle much bigger .txt file than any other tools around.

3. Access Driver

It is a cracking AIO, can leech & check proxy and can crack HTTP basic and form logins. Access Driver is very difficult to configure. But its dictionary function is unique, therefore I like to use it as wordlist tool.

4. StAPH

It is a combo leecher. Very fast and very effective combolist generator for porn sites.

5. Epic Leecher

It's a popular user name leecher. It can leech user names from forum member list.

6. Z-Leecher

Wordlist AIO, but basically a user or combo leecher.

OCX Package with OCX Resgistrator:

It's a dependency package. Some of above applications require some OCX file to function properly. Copy OCX Resgistrator and required ocx file to application directory and register that ocx file with OCX Resgistrator, done!


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