The method of earning a Sharecash

One of the most popular methods of earning a insertion of false files on YouTube.

A lot of people that uses it, because people to get what you want to be able to make an offer.

It was established many programs that can automatically invite your friends, comment, give the pros on YT etc. one we have in tips selection.

In this method, you can earn more than $ 3 per day without difficulty.Instead of buying boots you can do yourself a program that will do many things (from registration to comment on the multiple accounts) with the addition to the Mozilla iMacros.


  • High earnings
  • Minusess:

  • Someone who will download a fake file once thought that all these are, and will not bring any more files from Sharecash
  • Asfor me, this is not the best way to make money. Earnings can be quite high but probably not like to cheat people.