Apex - hacking tool

Apex - is a program that allows you to hack accounts for most websites.
It is easy to use and install. Actually, you do not need to install anything just turn on and it should work.
Very easy, you can also create macros to various websites.
I joined the link to the list of words (of size 28 GB after unpacking).

Word list ( 28 gb word list ):


Sites where You can hack accounts with default config.

apex sites


I will add configs in otcher tutorials.

How use it:

Load your combolist and then look on the two right corners of usernames list & passwords list there is a save button so you can divide them now you have combolist and usernames list and password list..
you can load the combolist by clicking on settings then pass options.


Then click Start and let it work.

If it say that some OCX is missing go to site:

Download ocx file then add it to apex folder and go to - run - CMD - type there :
C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe C:place where You have this ocx file\name.ocx

C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe C:\Users\user\Desktop\Apex\prjChameleon.ocx

And it will work.


apex lookout