Detailed way how to crack Hotfile accounts

1. You need good wordlist, here You can find 28 GB wordlist compressed to 78 mb.

2. Sockets-
Sockets = Number of connections.
More sockets = Faster connection = Cracker will tend to skip more often.The speed depends on your own connection too.Put mine at 20-30(usually 20 is the default number)

Tools needed:
  • Proxy Leeching
    Lots Proxy Leechers in CF.I would suggest using this Proxy leecher.The best i've used so far.

  • Proxy Checking
    This tool check proxy. It isn't really need.

  • Checking for Valid Hotfile usernames
    Checking for valid Hotfile usernames is something very important.You wont want to go through a whole list of usernames when theres only a few valid HF usernames.Heres the program needed to check for validity.
    Goes quite fast so just put the sockets at 10.

  • hotfile scanner

  • Username Leeching

    Really nice program that leeches from many Warez sites.Perfect program to get usernames.

  • Here are all this applications in one pack: